Presentation Skills 

Brick by brick, learn how to design and hold a successful presentation

A presentation may be called for in an academic or professional context. Whether you intend to present research results in an academic congress or to persuade investors to fund your startup, you are always speaking to an audience. 

However, mastering your field is not enough to get your message across because a presentation entails different elements, such as projecting a powerful body language to focusing on speech pace and word emphasis. Ultimately, holding a presentation is a skill that can be learned.

The objective of this workshop is to practice the pivotal elements of a thorough and effective presentation. 

What will participants achieve?

  • Methods, tools and examples to preparing and holding an effective presentation.

  • Skills related to different aspects of a presentation (e.g. speech pace, signposting, body language, etc.).

  • Reflexive planning and setting goals for your presentation.

  • An insight on individual skills to be developed.

Target Group: Anyone who has to hold presentations in academic and professional contexts.

Language: The workshop is held in English.