• Daiane Publio Dias

"My accent is too thick"

You have an accent even in your beautiful native language, and your accent reveals your origins, culture, history, etc. There is an emotional element to our accent.

Your accent represents, above all, your courage in challenging yourself to learn a foreign language. It's only natural: when learning English, you will inadvertently let your accent show. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

You may find it difficult to produce sounds that do not exist in your native language, but this has nothing to do with your accent. In fact, you can learn these sounds! We all have the same hardware: brain, tongue, vocal cords, teeth, lips, etc. These are the tools that pronunciation requires, because it is a physical phenomenon and as such can be developed.

But your accent... Your accent will add the melody! Respect yourself and learn to love your accent. It proves that you are not afraid to dare and learn a different language.

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Written by Daiane Publio Dias

CELTA English Teacher

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