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How to keep healthy while in quarantine

In times of #quarantine, stuck at home all day long, we feel as if we had lost control over our routine and accordingly over our health. We end up eating unhealthy foods, going to bed late after having binge-watched our favourite series on Netflix, overwhelmed by anxiety due to the new #pandemic. However, in order to lead an emotionally and physically balanced life throughout this dreadful period, sticking to a routine and being mindful about our choices is paramount. I listed some habits that will help you cope with anxiety and find balance.

1. Get dressed! Avoid dragging through the day in pyjamas. Your clothes have a deep impact on how you feel and are perceived. Of course, you do not have to wear a tie or a pencil skirt to work from home, but a simple yet #professional outfit such as a plain shirt is enough to create a sense of #organization and separate work from personal life.

2. Never work from bed. This is a harmful habit for several reasons: You are more likely have backache; your bedroom will be contaminated with negative energy after a stressful day and, as a result, sleeping on your once comfy bed will not be as pleasant as it used to be. Choose one room of your house where you can work with no distractions.

3. Read a book. Switch off your laptop or mobile phone for a while to read a novel regardless of the genre - yes, fiction! This will help you forget the world out there and find emotional balance. It might feel demanding at first as we are currently overwhelmed with anxiety, but you will soon find out that reading will lift your spirits with the extra benefit of going anywhere imaginable (and unimaginable) without leaving home.

4. Make your bed. An untidy bed is an invitation to take a nap and lose control over your day. Do not let your house turn into a dungeon full of monsters: Clean it up! A tidy house will positively impact on your day and your creativity as you will feel more in peace. Take the opportunity to throw away or donate anything you have not used for more than a year. Rethink the disposition of furniture. By the end of the #quarantine, you will discover the pleasures of taking care of your temple.

5. Exercise. Among all of these tips, this is the most difficult to follow. But after a long day #working from home, exercising for at least 30 minutes will produce the endorphins you need to find balance and feel mentally healthy. Set a reminder to leave your desk and stretch up to get your blood pumping as many times as you can throughout the day. There are plenty of choices out online. My favourite is Popsugar Fitness on YouTube.

6. Be careful what you eat. We naturally crave comfort foods when we feel anxious and stressed out and in spite of bringing a feeling of joy, this can develop into a bad habit that will be difficult to change after time. Try to stick to a balanced diet. Take the opportunity to learn how to cook that special dish and if you cannot forget that salted caramel ice cream hidden in your fridge, compromise: Cook something nourishing for lunch and have ice cream once a week as a treat. Finding the balance is key.

Written by Daiane Publio Dias


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