Pronunciation Training

Speak flawlessly and confidently

Being able to properly pronounce words is not only of crucial importance to convey a message effectively and avoid misunderstandings, but also to project an image of professionalism and competence in a globalized world. 

This individually-tailored training is focused on a hands-on approach with brief insights into theory.

​ What will you achieve?

  • An insight on common pronunciation problems faced by speakers of your native language (each language poses different challenges).

  • Tools, examples, and practice of different aspects of English communication (e.g. consonant clusters, vowel sounds, silent consonants, misleading spelling, etc.).

  • Learning to listen: oftentimes, people cannot pronounce specific sounds in English for not actually paying attention to them - listening is key to improving your pronunciation.  

  • An insight and support on individual goals to be reached.

This training course is held in person or online.