Cambridge Exams


If you wish to work for a renowned organization or study in a university of excellence, your wish is far from reality if you don't hold a Cambridge English Certificate. 

A Cambridge English Certificate will dramatically enhance your professional, academic and personal prospects.

As a Teacher of English accredited by Cambridge, I will prepare you insightfully in a hands-on, goal oriented approach, focused on the structure of the exam and the skills assessed.

You will achieve different goals with each certificate: 

  • FCE (First Certificate in English) proves you have the language skills to live and work in an English-speaking country.

  • CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) is recognized by renowned universities and prominent organizations worldwide, being a proof of distinguished achievement in learning English. 

  • CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) proves you master the English language with the eloquence of a proficient English speaker.

A placement test is applied before the commencement of the training. This is an important step to determine both your English skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading) as well as how much time you should invest. 

This course is held in person or online.